Package MicroEmacs

Latest version: 4.21
License: Public Domain

A version of the Emacs text editor that runs in a terminal

A text editor in the Emacs family: small, light. Its screen is in a terminal
(or emulator - eg Gnome, Xterm), not a GUI, so performs well over ssh. Handles
Unicode characters, UTF-8 encoding, eg: £ € ∞ Ω γ チ → ä ½ é ש ب ک ࿋ ✔ 𝅘𝅥𝅮
* Edit multiple files simultaneously
* Split the Emacs screen horizontally and vertically into Emacs windows each showing different buffers/files.
* Good documentation, help subsystem: keyword search, topic hyperlinks
* Tutorial for new users
* window-menu command that makes window operations easy:
split, join together, move the 4 edges, kill/close, change buffer in window, move cursor to different window
* UTF-8 characters displayed properly (including double width; zero width shown as a position)
* Can insert Unicode points as hex/decimal/octal if the keyboard cannot generate it.
* Window options to display: tabs in colour, line endings, line numbers, cursor position (column/line number)
* Can track cursor between windows: same up/down in tracked windows
* Auto indenting for C and PHP, region indent/unindent, region un/comment
* Handles binary files, arbitrary line lengths.
* Hexadecimal edit mode. At the same time in another Emacs window buffer can be viewed as text when editing hex (or view hex when edit text)
* Editing of prompts for command & file names. Can insert current filename/word-under-cursor/...
Tab does file name expansion.
* User can place alphabetic marks, Emacs places numeric marks with some buffer position jumps
* Position of mark shown in red, in non current window "." in green
* Meta (top bit set, non UTF-8) & control characters shown as one underline/standout character, option for old behaviour (eg M-^C)
This preserves alignment of columns.
* Last char of a over long line shown in yellow; move the cursor to it & whole screen scrolls left/right not just one line
* Can change foreground/background colours.
* list-buffers also shows much Emacs info: variables, window attributes, statistics
* Search: a space can match multiple space, tab, newlines
* Search/replace intelligently handles capitalisation & line breaks in replaced strings. Easy to have several replacements
* DOS buffer mode - auto handle MS Windows line endings
* RENEW buffer mode - like: tail -f
* Macro/programmable
Emacs has a help system, get there by pressing Escape ?
A hacked version of MicroEmacs 3.7 to 3.9. It comes with some own key bindings, many bugs fixed.
Version 4.21
This should work on a variety of operating systems. This fork
has only, recently, been tested on: Linux; FreeBSD; Minix
Written by: Dave Conroy and Daniel Lawrence - so original copyright belongs to them.
Many hacks by Alain Williams - released under the GPL version 2 or later.

You may download this software in a variety of formats. Some are specific to particular operating systems or architectures, see below:
TargetURLBuild Date
CentOS 7 x86_64MicroEmacs-4.21-0.0.x86_64.rpmMon Jul 18 2022
CentOS 8 x86_64MicroEmacs-4.21-0.0.x86_64.rpmTue Jul 19 2022
CentOS 9 x86_64MicroEmacs-4.21-0.0.x86_64.rpmWed Jul 20 2022
CentOS 9 srcMicroEmacs-4.21-0.0.src.rpmWed Jul 20 2022

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