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Unix and Linux Tutorials

Below are a some tutorials and information Unix and Linux technologies

Linux & Unix

Snippets of scripts

The first of the above 3 is probably what you would want to use. It is simpler and cleaner.

Shell script templates

Note that all of the templates on this page are for the Korn shell - ksh

License and copyright

All description & sample files copyright (c) variously 2005, 2013 Parliament Hill Computers. Author: Alain D D Williams.

You may used these files as the basis your own (or organisation's/company's) project(s) (under whatever licence that you see fit). You may not claim ownership or copyright of any substantially unmodified files. Acknowledgement would be appreciated, but is not necessary.

These demonstrations are made available in the hope that they are useful. There may be errors: there is no warranty at all, use at your own risk.

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