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Malfeasance And Skulduggery

What some corporations and governments get up to

Does everybody behave the way that they should ? What about the corporates and governenment agencies ?

There are leaks sites that help to expose wrong doing:

What are our governments up to ?

UK Government

USA Government

French Government

Corporations & Big Business



These people have made highly dubious claims about what they can do. A Guardian reporter invesigated, the British Chiropractic Association hit him with a libel suit. It appears that libel is increasingly being used to stifle criticism rather than show it to be wrong. The only conclusion that can be drawn in that the BCA cannot show the journalist's findings to be wrong. More on this.

Another organisation makes medical claims for cancer treatment that appear to have no real evidence to back it up. So the Burzynski Clinic sues those who criticise them. Sounds like something to avoid.


Scientology is so Evil that it has a page of it's own.


A few comments by Jonathan Swift on the legal system.
An interesting view on how lawyers operate: how lawyers operate

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